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Bring your parent to PE week! All the fun will be September 24th-26th
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Thursday, September 13, 2018
See the schedule below to see when your child is in PE

 You are invited to join in on the fun of P.E. with us! From September 24th-26th, we will be participating in the National Take Your Parent To P.E. Week.

 If you are a parent or legal guardian and able to participate, we would love for you to put on your sneakers and join us in class during your child’s designated class period (listed below). You can also find out more about National Take Your Parent To P.E. Week by going to We’ll have great games planned, and plenty of opportunities for you to interact with and encourage your child, as well as get a look at what P.E. class is like for them!

 At Hafen, we believe that your students learn best when parents and teachers are united in serving as their loudest and best encouragers. We would love for you to take this opportunity to encourage them in a unique way later this month!

 Monday, September 24th

Ms. Clouser's class 9:50-10:30    Ms. Minnis' class 10:30-11:10   Mr.Boyajain's class 11:15-11:55 and        Ms. Bradley and Ms. Free's combo class 11:55-12:35

Tuesday, September 25th

Mrs. Brown's class 9:50-10:30   Mr. Streater's class 10:30-11:10   Ms. Lang's class 11:15-11:55                    Ms. Free's class 11:55-12:35 and Mrs. Boldra's class 1:50-2:30

Wednesday, September 26th

Ms. Wogee's class 9:50-10:30  Ms. Ivy's class 10:30-11:10  Ms. Musick's class 11:15-11:55                          Ms. Bradley's class 11:55-12:35 and Ms. Mattson's class 1:50-2:30




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