Welcome to Pahrump Valley High School

After a twenty seven year run as an Alaskan educator, I am excited to continue my career in education as the Principal of Pahrump Valley High School. My wife, Marilyn and I arrived in Pahrump on July 7, 2019; we were impressed by the warmth of the climate and the warmth of the people in this community. We purchased a home in this community as we have made a long term commitment to the school and Pahrump. Pahrump has many similarities to Chugiak Alaska our home of over 32 years: similar size, friendly people, access to wilderness recreation areas, and both lie between two mountain ranges.

I am impressed with the administrative team in place for PVHS as we had a chance to plan together for the 2019/20 school last June (I took a week of my summer break to come down to get started). As we discussed the needs of PVHS and build our school performance plan, it became clear to me that while the strengths of and challenges at PVHS are unique, the strengths and challenges at PVHS are not unique in terms of what schools and district face across this nation.

I look forward to applying my twenty-one years of teaching experience and seven years of administrative experience to work within the team of administrators, teachers, parents and guardians, and community members to continue a steady and positive continued growth at PVHS.


George Campnell